Adult Flag Football Rules and Regulations


NOTE: Any team unable to pay $15 will Forfeit the match



General Rules: 


1) There will be a ZERO tolerance rule of poor sportsmanship. This is set to eliminate fighting, pushing, swearing, and taunting.


2) The Field Sports Arena has the right to change, alter, or delete any rule for the Safety of the players, teams, and facility.


3) All players playing at The Field in the League, must be rostered on the appropriate team. During playoffs, players MAY ONLY BE ROSTERED ON ONE TEAM. Any illegal players will result in a forfeiture of the game. 


4) Players are not allowed to flag guard, jumping a defensive player, Diving to gain extra yardage (this is a safety rule).


5) If a player’s flags fall off while running without the ball and they end up catching the ball, the game turns to a one-hand touch game between the shoulders and the waist. Must be the Triple Threat Flags. 


6) Our goal is that all players play, 6vs 6 with the Center being an eligible receiver.


7)Shoes must be either a  flat-soled shoe or a Turf shoe. NO Cleats for Flag Football. That includes   Baseball or track spikes or any shoes that have steel or metal tips are prohibited. All players must wear shoes. Players with illegal footwear are removed from the game until the footwear is removed.


8) Each player is required to begin the game with flags around their waist and shirts tucked in. Any player with a shirt outside of the belt will be considered flag guarding and will be penalized 5 yards.


9) Teams are asked to wear like color shirts. If both Home and Visitors are in the same color the Home team Changes.


10) Since flag football requires a pulling of the flags, it is possible for shirts and pants to get ripped. If a shirt gets ripped in the process of pulling the flag this is not a penalty. This is a judgment call by the refs. 


11) If a team should choose to not  show to 2 games during the season they will forfeit the rest of the season  with no refund. Teams are required to give

at least 6 hours notice if a team Can not make it. 




Clock and General Rules


*1) Games will consist of two (1) 40 minute period with a continuous clock. No half time.



2) There will be 3 timeouts per team per game - :45 sec timeouts


3) Flags must be dropped and not thrown after making a pull.


4) There are no fumbles. The ball is spotted where the runner lost the ball.


5) Each team will have 4 downs to reach mid field, then they will receive an additional 4 downs to their end zone. If team does not reach half field or score a touchdown it will be opposing team’s ball on their own 5 yard line.


6) Play is ruled “dead” when a player’s knee hits the ground, a loose ball occurs, the ball carriers flags are pulled, player steps out of bounds , or the ref whistles the play dead.


7) There are no forced fumbles! Any player attempting to punch or strip a ball will receive a 5 yard penalty. This includes swatting the quarterbacks arm during a throw.


*8) If a game ends in a tie, there will be a sudden death from the 50 yard line –(college rules  each team has one opportunity to score). If no score, game ends in a tie.


9) 20 sec play clock from the time the ref sets the ball (loose enforcement and referees discretion)


10) The ref will place the ball after each play. Once the play is done give the ball to the ref. Any player who spikes, kicks, or throws the ball away will receive a 10 yard penalty for unsportsmanlike conduct.


11) No Run Zones are designated 5 yards before the Mid-field line and 5 yards before the End Zone. If the line of scrimmage falls within this zone teams may not run the ball past the line of scrimmage. The Pass must be BEYOND the line of scrimmage.


12) A penalty can put a team in the "No Run Zone", but a penalty cannot get a team out of the "No Run Zone", UNLESS it is defensive penalty.


13) Should a team be trailing by 30 at the 5 minute mark of the game or 20 or more points at the 2 minute warning in the second half, the referees shall end the game immediately. There will be no exception to this Mercy rule.



Offense Rules


1) Players must be in like colored Uniform with shirts tucked in before entering the field. (if two teams are of the same color the home team much change)


2) There must be the decided amount of players on the field before the clock starts.


3) Each team will start their offensive possession with the ball on the 5 yard line


4) There must be at least one man on the line


5) During a legal block, defense and offense must initiate contact with open hands; arms extended outward (no elbows or loading up). Open hands can be thrust forward initially to contact an opponent inside the body frame (chest area only). Hands cannot be thrust forward above the shoulders to contact an opponent on the neck, face, or head. As the play develops, a blocker is permitted to work for and maintain position on an opponent as long as he does not push from behind or clip. If a defensive linemen turns his back to the offensive linemen while in contact there will be no penalty for blocking in the back. Open hand blocking is allowed on all portions of the field and is not restricted to the line of scrimmage.


Two on one blocking is permitted anywhere on the field!!


6) The center must snap the ball between their legs and they are eligible to receive a pass beyond the line of scrimmage. No side snaps.


7) Quarterbacks can scramble and run past the line of scrimmage as long as they are not within the no run zone (5 yards before the midfield line and five yards before the end zone)


8) If a player steps on or across the out of bounds line with possession of the ball the play is dead and the ball will be placed at that point.


9) Quarterbacks can hand off to a running back or pitch the ball (No forward laterals) (Exception is when the ball is within the No Run Zones)


10) NO Forward Laterals are allowed


11) Offense can go for a one (1) point conversion from the five(5) Yard line or a two (2) pt. play from the ten (15) yard line (Blue Line).


12) Touchdown is 6 points.


13) If player is down in his own ends zone – it is a Safety – and 2pts awarded to defense and possession.


14) If the Receiver or Running back stiff arm any opponent the play is dead and the ball will be placed at that point. A Warning will be issued and continued use of the Stiff arm will result in a 10 yard unsportsmanlike penalty.


15) Any offensive player running through a defensive player that has already established position will be called for Charging and loss a down or 5 yards.


16) A player must have control of the ball with one foot inbounds to be ruled as having possession.


17) A muffed snap will be a loss of downs with the ball being replaced at the line of scrimmage.


18) Quarterback can cross line of scrimmage, retreat and throw forward pass, except in the "No Run Zone".


 19) Once a team reaches the "NO RUN ZONE" they are in the "NO RUN ZONE" for the remainder of the Downs. (A sack outside of the zone is still considered a "NO RUN ZONE" play




1) A team may blitz at anytime


2) Interceptions can be run back.


3) If the ball is intercepted in that teams defensive half of the field and is downed before crossing half the ball is placed at their 5 yard line. If the ball makes it to mid field or past without scoring the ball will be placed at the mid field line.


4) An interception on a conversion play is worth three (2) points for the


defense If returned to the end zone.


5) Holding is not allowed – strict enforcement- 5 Yard Penalty


6) Defense can't cross the line of scrimmage until the ball is snapped


7) Defense may not hold or obstruct a player when trying to pull the flags - Automatic First Down


8)Any act to delay the game by kicking throwing the ball after the play will be ruled as an unsportsmanlike play


9) Defense can bump a receiver one (1) time after the ball is snapped. However, defense cannot face guard receiver. Result - Pass interference.


Penalties Offense 


Penalty = (Loss of Down)+Penalty


1) Delay of game- 5 Yard Penalty. If in No Run Zone, also loss of down.


2) Charging (Offense ) – 5 Yard Penalty plus loss of down


3) Forward laterals – 5 Yard Penalty


4) Illegal block – 5 Yard Penalty


5) Belt manipulations (securing flags or belts, (Automatic forfeit of game)


6) Offensive pass interference –5 yard penalty, Loss of downs


7) Unsportsmanlike Conduct – 10 yards


8) Offside – 5 Yard Penalty


9) Holding - 5 Yard Penalty



Penalties (Defense)


Penalty = Replay of down


1) Offside – 5 yard penalty


2) Pass Interference – 5 yard penalty - Automatic first down. If it's in the end zone, ball is place at 1 yard line, -first down.


3) Illegal Contact - Illegal block -5 yard penalty


4) Unsportsmanlike Conduct – 10 yard penalty


5) Charging – 5 yard penalty


6) Excessive contact at the line – 5 yard penalty


7) Any tackling will be 5 yard penalty and replay of down (ref discretion)


8) Tripping - 5 yard penalty


9) Illegal Contact trying to cause a fumble – 5 Yard penalty


10) Holding player to pull flag - 5 yard penalty, automatic first down.


Player Conduct:


1)  Any verbal badgering of officials or derogatory language between opposing players after officials have asked once for Team Captains' control may result in player(s) involved in the action being disqualified. The first derogatory action or language will be penalized 10 yards and the team captain warned. The second derogatory action or language will cause player(s) to be ejected from the game and a 10-yard penalty against the team of the disqualified player(s). Sideline players are subject to the same disqualification for abusive, obscene, or badgering language to either opposing players or officials. If the Captain or Coach of the penalized team cannot control the action of his players, the game can be forfeited at the discretion of the game officials. Illegally kicking or throwing the ball will result in a 10-yard penalty unsportsmanlike penalty.


2)  No trash talking or taunting of opponents and/or referees either on the field or from the sidelines this will result in an 10-yard penalty and a team warning the next offense will be a automatic game suspension. If conduct persists from the same team, official has the right to declare a forfeit. This applies to fans as well. Second offense banishment. Referees can penalize a team for remarks from the sideline. This means players or fans. Any fan that makes remarks to the field will have to leave the premises. That means no religious or racial remarks will be tolerated. Players will be ejected immediately! The above goes for before, after or during any game. The Field reserves the right to suspend or banish a player(s) and/or team for verbal abuse and/or misconduct.


3)  Any verbal abuse of an official and/ or league representatives will result in an 10-yard penalty and a automatic two (2) game suspension. If conduct persists from the same team, official has the right to declare a forfeit. This applies to fans as well. Second offense banishment. Any player that touches an official in anger will result in police charges being filed by the league, as well as lifetime banishment from The Field Sports Arena. The above goes for before, after or during any game. The Field reserves the right to suspend or banish a player(s) and/or team for verbal abuse and/or misconduct.


4)  Fighting, which is described as pushing, shoving, punching or taunting an opposing player, fan or spectator, will result in that individual being thrown out of the specific game. Any player that throws one punch regardless of the circumstance (retaliation, etc.) will be automatically suspended by the league for two (2) games. If two or more punches are thrown, the applicable player will be suspended for a minimum of three (3) games and a maximum of the remaining portion of the season. The above goes for before, after or during any game. If conduct persists from the same team, official has the right to declare a forfeit. This applies to fans as well. Players that leave their sidelines during a fight risk being thrown out of that specific game by the referees pending the circumstances involved. The referees and Field Sports Arena Management will be the deciding bodies in ejections. A second infraction by a player on any of the above will result in banishment from the league.




Consumption of alcoholic beverages or smoking on the sidelines by Players, Managers, Coaches or Fans is prohibited


6)  Trash or Litter on the Fields:


Teams must clear/clean their sidelines of all "litter" immediately after the game has ended. Littering will be reported by Teams that play behind you and also the Referees. If you do not report a team for trashing a field, then you may get blamed for it. WE CAN AVOID ALL PROBLEMS BY KEEPING THE FIELD CLEAN.


Your help in this matter will be appreciated!




Basically just keep it clean and have


Fun and we won’t have any problems