1. Division Regulations

All Divisions

All teams will be responsible for doing the following for each session:

• Handing in an up to date roster / Waiver form by the start of the first game

• Pay unbalanced team fees at the first game



Recreational / Say

Age Matrix

Competitive / Select

Age Matrix

PLAYER AGE 2017 - 2018
4U - Candy Born in 2013
5U - Candy Born in 2012
6U - Candy Born in 2011
7U - Passer Born in 2010
8U - Passer Born in 2009
9U - Wings Born in 2008
10U - Wings Born in 2007
11U - Striker Born in 2006
12U - Striker Born in 2005
13U - Kicker Born in 2004
14U - Kicker Born in 2003
U8  2010
U9  2009
U10  2008
U11  2007
U12  2006
U13  2005
U14  2004
U15  2003
U16  2002

Time Requirements: All teams play Two, 20 minute halves

Youth Divisions (18 years old and under)

• Youth players may play in an older division at the discretion of The Field


• Youth player must have a legal guardian’s signature on the consent / waiver roster in

order to play at The Field Sports Arena.

• All youth teams and high school teams must have an adult 25 or older on the sideline. 


High School Divisions

  •  7th / 8th graders are permitted to play in high school league.
  • High School Players must wear Turf or Flat soled shoes (NO CLEATS FOR HIGH SCHOOL AND UP)
  • Seniors are not permitted to play in any of the JV leagues.  if any seniors are on a team they must play in a varsity or select appropriate division. Players who have graduated from high school or are not currently enrolled as a student in a school district are not eligible to play in the high school divisions. Any questions about a players eligibility may be asked by The Field Sports Arena management and a signed letter from the school district or student ID with graduating year must be provided in or order to participate
  • Seniors may not be older than 19 years of age

Adult Divisions (18 years old and over)

• Adult players may play in any of the open leagues


League Ball Size # of Players


League Ball Size Number of Players
All Men's High School and up  5 6 Players
All Women's High School and up 5 6 players
All Coed High School and up 5 7 Players
U-14 & U-13 Select 5 7 Players
 Kicker  5 7 Players
U8 - U12/ Passer, Wings, Striker  4 8 Players
Candy 4  4 players


If an Adult Division has a specified age to it a player may play in that division if they are within two years of the specified age, but a team may not exceed more than three players that do so.


A 25 and over coed team can have a maximum of three players that are 23 years old.


Open Division

• This division is open to any and all ages, at the discretion of The Field management.

Players under 18 years of age must have parental consent.


Recreational Division and Regulations

NOTE: Only 3 select player are allowed on a recreational team

Select Divisions

• The Field Sports Arena recognizes ages U8, U9, U10, U11, U12, U13, and U14 to be select.

U15,U16 are classified as High School Varsity or Jv Based on Strength.


Coaches Checklist

Listed below are a few of the key rules that all your players should know

        • Make sure all players know that there is No Spitting, No Gum, No Food, No Drinks allowed on or across the field.  We have water fountains in each players box. We have put a lot of time and effort into the upgrades so help us take care of the new field!

         •Any flat-soled or completely molded cleat  or turf shoes are acceptable. Baseball or track spikes or any shoes that have steel or metal tips are prohibited. All players must wear shoes. 

       •All kicks are direct!

• Team must be of like colored shirts (Different hues or the same color are fine)

•Players Under 18 must wear shinguards All High school Division are required to wear shingaruds regardless if they are 18, any player not wearing shinguards will be asked to leave the field of play. Adults May play at their own risk without Shingaurds.

•Game time is forfeit time at the discretion of The Field Management

•Smoking or chewing tobacco is prohibited in or around the building

•Players spitting on the playing field will receive an automatic two minute penalty

•Slide tackling will not be permitted. (Exception to the rule – Goal Keepers may slide tackle in their own penalty box.)

•The game will consist of two 20 minute halves with a one minute break between halves

•Only 3 select players can play on a recreational team. A select player is one who has played select soccer in the spring or fall prior to the indoor season. Select applies to players nine years old and older.

•Coaches please inform all players of the suspension policy

•All players / Guardians must sign a team roster and a player waiver form. Any player not registered will be trespassing and ineligible to play.

•NO COLORED DRINKS ON OR AROUND THE PLAYING FIELD!!  Water fountains are in each players box. 

Note: Games may be forfeited if players do not comply with the rule


2. The Field of Play

Perimeter walls are part of the field of play.

House Rule

• The top perimeter wall and anything above the blue line on the lounge glass is out of play  Markings on the field are present and visible and all calls that may reference the ball in correlation with the markings are under the discretion of the official.



3. The Ball

• The Ball shall not be changed during the game unless authorized by the official or management

• The official prior to each game will approve the ball.

• If the ball should burst or deflate during the game

       o The game shall be stopped while the ball is changed out

       o The game will restart by a drop ball where ball deflated.

House Rule

• If the game is stopped, the appropriate free kick will re-start the game.

• If the ball is deflated in the penalty area, there shall be a drop ball outside the penalty area nearest to where it became deflated.

• The Field Sports Arena will supply game balls. No other balls will be allowed on the premises. Game ball will be returned to the official at the conclusion of each match.


4. Roster Regulations

• All teams must have their team’s players on a roster and turned in to The Field’s management

by the first game of the session.

• A new roster must be provided for each session.

• Each player must fill out a liability release form. Any player who does not fill out and sign a

release form will be considered Trespassing and the team they are playing with will

automatically forfeit the game.

• All players under the age of 18 years of age must have parent or legal guardian’s signature

before they can play. Those 18 years and older may sign for themselves.

• Any changes to be made to the roster must be made by the second (2) game of the session. It

must be changed on the roster file at The Field’s office and witnessed and initialed by a

representative of The Field’s management.

• A team may carry as many players as it needs on its roster.


House Rules

• Use of an ineligible player will result in a forfeit by the team guilty of this action.

• Players may play on 1 team in each division.

• Only3 select players are allowed on a recreational team.

• COACHES PLEASE NOTE: You may roster as many players as you like but we will only supply 12 awards to the division winner.


5. Number of Players 

• Games will be started by two teams,

•Candy Division play 4 players with no goalkeepers.

•Youth Division (Passer, Wings, Striker, & Select U8-U12) play 8 players, one of whom shall be the goalkeeper.

•Youth Division (Kickers & Select U13 -U14) play 7 players, one of whom shall be the goalkeeper.

•High School Divisions & Select U15-U18 play 6 Players, one of whom shall be the goalkeeper

•Men’s / Women’s Divisions play 6 players, one of whom shall be the goalkeeper.

• Coed Divisions will consist of 7 players, one of whom shall be the goalkeeper. Any team unable to field a minimum of 4 players (two of which must be female) will forfeit the game. (See coed rules for further information)

• Any team unable to field a minimum of 4 players (6v6 league) or 5 Players (7v7 & 8v8)  will forfeit that game.\

Only Team Players on the Roster and 2 Coaches may be on the bench. Spectators must be on the spectator side of the field. 


6. Player’s Equipment

• Players shall not wear anything which may injure him/herself, or any other player on the field.

• High School Divisions and Adults Must wear a flat soled shoe or a turf show. NO CLEATS! (That includes screw ins, molded or, Blades)

• Goalies must wear colors which distinguish him/herself from the other players and official.

• Team uniforms will be similar in color, but are not required to match in style or have numbers on them.

• SHINGUARDS ARE MANDATORY FOR ALL PLAYERS UNDER 18 and also required in all High school leagues regardless of age. Socks must cover shinguards at all times. Adults may play at their own risk without guards.

• Illegal equipment is any equipment which in the opinion of the official or management is

dangerous or confusing.

o Types of illegal equipment:

•Rings, Watches, Necklaces, and piercings or items projecting from personal clothing.

•Head, arm, thigh or hip pads containing sole leather, fiber, metal or any unyielding  materials.

•Shinguards which are exposed. (Shinguards must be covered.)

•Helmets, Hats, Caps, Visors and hair bonnets.



1. Goalies may wear a head protector made of closed- cell slow recovery

rubber or similar materials that stay soft in final form. This head gear shall

have a chin strap and shall not have a bill or other protruding design

characteristics or cover the face other than the forehead.

2. Goalies may wear fingersave type gloves

3. Religious, military or medical medals may be worn, if taped to the inside of

the uniform or to the body.

4. Starter Ear peircings and they must have cotton on both sides and taped to cover up. (Players are playing at their own risk)



• Casts or knee braces made of hard, unyielding material must be examined by the official

• The team listed first on the schedule is the home team. In the event of two team with like colored uniforms, the HOME team is responsible for changing the color of its uniforms. The Field will The player at fault shall be removed from the field of play to adjust equipment. Any player who enters / re-enters the game having failed to carry out adjustment will be assigned a time penalty. Time penalty is at the discretion of the official.


7. Goalkeeper Restrictions

• A goalkeeper may not handle the ball a second time until the ball has been played into the neutral zone or touched by the opposing team.

• A goalkeeper must distribute the ball within five seconds after gaining control of the ball with their hands. It is the official’s discretion as to the time the goalkeeper gains initial control of the ball.

• The ball may not be passed to the goalkeeper’s hands from the neutral zone by a member of that team. The defensive team must gain possession in the red zone before passing the ball to the keeper’s hands.


The following are considered changes of possession:

a) A defensive steal

b) The Ball being kicked over the perimeter of the wall

c) A goal kick

d) A foul on the attacking team

Examples keeper limitations: 

a) Goalie distributes the ball to his fullback within the defensive zone of his goal area; a

fullback then kicks the ball back to the goalie who then picks the ball up with their hands.

b) Goalie distributes the ball to a fullback who takes the ball into the neutral zone, then kicks

the ball to the goalie who then picks the ball up.

c) Fullback gains possession in the neutral zone, he then either dribbles or passes the ball

into the red zone, the ball is then passed back to the goalie who then picks it up.

d) Goalie receives the ball outside the penalty box then dribbles into the penalty box and

picks the ball up.  


Basic Ruling Two-Touch Foul By Keeper:

a) Ball must be played into neutral zone and must be played or touched by an opposing

player before the keeper can handle the ball a second time.

b) This ruling is void if an opposing player receives / plays the ball prior to entering the

neutral zone.


Goalie Foul Rules

a) Any time a penalty is assigned against the goalie (except for fighting); the penalty

shall be / can be served by another member of his/her own team. Yellow cards will

still be assigned against the goalie.

b) The opposing team will be awarded a direct free kick from the spot of the goalies foul.

(See exceptions below)

1. If the foul is committed in the box the free kick will be awarded at the top of the arch of the penalty area.

2. If the goalie is called for a flagrant foul in the box the opposing team will be awarded a penalty kick.


8. Start / Duration Of Game

•The game is started by a player taking a place-kick from the center spot into his/her opponents’ half of the field of play.

•Infringement of kick-off will be re-started by a re-kick.

•If kicker plays the ball twice, a direct kick is awarded to the opposing team. (Playing the ball twice includes instances where a player kicking off the perimeter wall to themselves before the ball is touched or played by another player. This rule applies to all free-kicks.

•The ball must roll ½ its own circumference on a kick off Forward or back. 

•The game shall be re-started in a like manner after the end of each half or after a goal has been scored.

•All kicks are direct free kicks

• A goal can be scored directly from kick-off.

• The ball is in play at all other times from the start of play, including:

• Rebounds from the perimeter wall/referee

• In the event of a supposed infringement of the law until a decision is given by the official Time In Play

• The clock shall not be stopped when the ball is out of play

• Time shall be extended to permit a penalty kick being taken at or after the expiration of the normal period of play.

• The time shall be stopped if, in the opinion of the referee, there is a serious injury.



• The duration of the game shall be two equal halves of 20 minutes each, for a total of 40 minutes. Interval between halves will be one minute.

•After the end of each half, when restarting play, ends of field will be changed and a kickoff will be taken by the opposing team that kicked off the previous half.

•The team that is guest will have the first kick off.

• Game time is forfeit time at discretion of The Field management.

• Additional time will be added to the clock if in the opinion of the referee infringements of

the laws or other causes deem it necessary.

• The Field Sports Arena does not permit the suspension of play for team time-outs.


9. Substitutions

Substitutions may be used on an unlimited basis, provided that the players substituted for does not infringe on the field of play. If this happens its a free kick at the infringment for the opposing team. 

 Play will be suspended to allow completion of substitutions on the following occasions:

•After a goal is scored

• After a time penalty has been assigned

•On an injury time-out

• Ball is out of play and has crossed over the perimeter wall on your team’s possession

•Any of the players may change with the goalkeeper, provided the referee is informed before the change.

•All substitutions shall be deemed to be a player and shall be subject to the authority and jurisdiction of the referee (off) the field of play.

•Any non-player/coach that enters the field of play without permission of the referee will be ejected from the game.

•An official may stop play to determine if a player is injured. If after re-examining the player it is determined the player is able to continue, replacement for that player is not mandatory.


Punishment for infringements:

•The offending player shall serve a penalty time period of 2 to 5 minutes. Time of penalty is at discretion of referee. Play will re-start by a direct free kick or drop ball depending on the stoppage of play.


10. Scoring

A goal is scored when the entire ball has passed over the goal line, between the goal post and

under the crossbar, provided it has not been thrown, carried or intentionally propelled by hand or

arm by a player of the attacking team, except in cases of the goalkeeper who is in his / her own

penalty area.


11. Three-Line-Violation 

The goalie and only the goalie is guilty of the three-line-violation when he/she throws or kicks the ball across the three lines (both Blue lines and the center line) in the air, towards the opponent’s goal without the ball touching the wall, the floor, or having been touched by another player.

The only exception to the law is a goalkeeper may kick or throw the ball across the three lines is his/her team is playing with 2 less players than the opposing team.


Punishment for the infringement:

•Of the law: The referee shall award a direct free-kick to the opposing team from anywhere on the first red line closest to the goalie that infringed. 


12. Free-Kicks/ Delay of Game Penalty


When a player is taking a direct free-kick inside his /her own penalty area, all opposing  players must remain outside The top line of the goal box the  and must be at least 10 feet from the ball while the kick is  being taken. The ball is in play immediately after it has traveled half of its own circumference and is  beyond the penalty area. The ball must be kicked beyond the penalty area before it is in play. Failure  to do so will result in a  Re- Kick. 

•When a player is taking a direct free-kick outside his/her own penalty area, all of the  opposing players shall be at least 10 feet from the ball.


Delay of game penalty:

If any player, in the referee’s opinion, intentionally puts the ball out of play (over the perimeter wall or to the ceiling) to delay the game, the game shall be stopped and a direct kick is awarded to the opposing team at its offensive third. A time penalty may be assigned to the offender.

NOTE: Throwing/ kicking the ball away from an opponent awarded a free kick is considered a delay of game tactic. Goalies will not be violators of this provision if deflecting a ball over the perimeter wall within their goal area.


13. Time penalties (House Rules)

•All time penalties carry automatic yellow cards.

•Two time penalties on the same individual results in automatic ejection and a team 5 mintue penalty

•Duration of time penalties is at the discretion of the official.

•All 5 minute time penalties must be served in full, regardless of time remaining in game or team being scored upon.

•Any team assigned three time penalties within one half or a total of 4 time penalties within two halves will forfeit the game.

•Referee’s can send players to the bench for a minute “Cool Down” period. Cool down  periods do not  count as time penalties pr yellow cards

•Cool down periods are designed to let players from both teams keep players on the field. When  a player is sent off for a “Cool Down” they must stay off the field. During this  period a  player from the bench can substitute for the player sent off.

•It is the discretion of the referee and coach as to the amount of time players stay in  “Cool Down” the  minimum time will be one minute. This rule is designed to prevent arguments  and fighting.  Management feels that “Cool Downs” give players a warning to change their play  or attitude before a  major problem arises.

•After one minute the player in “Cool Down” a coach may substitute that player back onto  the playing field.


14. Fouls and Misconduct

•Any Player committing the following offenses shall be penalized and the opposing team will be    awarded a direct free kick from the place where the infringement occurred.

(Example: Dangerous Play, obstruction, etc.)

•Any of the infringements listed above which are committed in the goal box by the defense will result in the ball being placed at the top of the circle of the penalty box. Any of those infringements made by an offensive player will result in the ball being placed at the spot of the foul.

•If, in the opinion of the official, the player is guilty of a serious breach of the offenses  listed, he/she may be penalized with a time penalty. Amount of time is at the discretion of  the official.


- 2 minute penalties a coach may sub after the 2 mintues is expired or the opposing team scores.

-5 minute penalties no sub if the opposing team scores, team will play short for the full 5 mintues

-Straight Red Card - Fighting, Verbal derogatory language - Team plays short for the remainder of the game.   


Penalty Offenses:

•Playing in a manor considered by the referee to be dangerous.

•Charging the goalie when he/she has possession of the ball.

 -Exceptions being when the goalie plays the ball with their feet in or outside of the box.

•When playing as the tactics: of holding the ball in hands more than 5 seconds, if in the opinion of the  referee are designed to hold up play.

•Kicking/Throwing the ball away from the team awarded a free kick.

•Dissent towards the referee (words or actions), on any given decisions.

•Unsportsmanlike conduct

•Any kick delayed longer than five seconds will be awarded to the other team.

•Any ball touched by the defense on the defensive third, which then touches the top of the net      will result in a direct kick for the opposing team in the middle of the offensive red line.

•Two cautions per game, player shall be ejected off the field of play.


Cautionary offenses

A player or coach shall be cautioned for:

 •Persistent infringement of the laws of the game

 •Dissent towards the referee (action or words)

 •Unsportsmanlike conduct


Ejection Offenses

A player will be sent off the field of play if:

 •The player is guilty of violent conduct or serious foul play

 •The player uses foul or offensive language

•The Player persists in misconduct after having received a caution-guilty of committing a    second time  penalty offense.

•A player ejected off the field of play, the offending team will play short the remainder of the game, regardless of the time remaining or score of the game. 

•All ejections will be reported to The Field’s management.



15. Fighting

1st offense = Automatic 2 game suspension

2nd offense = Automatic season suspension (with possible banishment for next season)


Player Conduct:


1)  Any verbal badgering of officials or derogatory language between opposing players after officials have asked once for coach's control may result in player(s) involved in the action being disqualified for the remainder of the match. The first derogatory action or language will be penalized 2 minute penalty and a team will play a player short on the field. The second derogatory action or language will cause player(s) to be ejected from the game and a 5 minute penalty will be incured. Sideline players are subject to the same disqualification for abusive, obscene, or badgering language to either opposing players or officials. If the Captain or Coach of the penalized team cannot control the action of his players, the game can be forfeited at the discretion of the game officials. 


2)  No trash talking or taunting of opponents and/or referees either on the field or from the sidelines this will result in an 2 minute penalty and a team warning the next offense will be a automatic game suspension. If conduct persists from the same team, officials have the right to declare a forfeit. Referees can penalize a team for remarks from the sideline. This means players no playing. Any fan that makes remarks to the field will have to leave the premises. That means no religious or racial remarks will be tolerated. Players will be ejected immediately! The above goes for before, after or during any game. The Field reserves the right to suspend or banish a player(s) and/or team for verbal abuse and/or misconduct.


3)  Any verbal abuse of an official and/ or facility management will result in an ejection from that game and an automatic two (2) game suspension. If conduct persists from the same team, officials have the right to declare a forfeit. Second offense banishment. Any player that touches an official in anger will result in expulsion from the facility. The above goes for before, after or during any game. The Field reserves the right to suspend or banish a player(s) and/or team for verbal abuse and/or misconduct.


4)  Fighting - which is described as pushing, shoving, punching a fan or spectator or player, will result in that individual being thrown out of the specific game. Any player that throws one punch regardless of the circumstance (retaliation, etc.) will be automatically suspended by the league for two (2) games. If two or more punches are thrown, the applicable player will be suspended for a minimum of three (3) games and a maximum of the remaining portion of the season. The above goes for before, after or during any game. If conduct persists from the same team, official has the right to declare a forfeit. This applies to fans as well. Players that leave their sidelines during a fight risk being thrown out of that specific game by the referees pending the circumstances involved. The referees and Field Sports Arena Management will be the deciding bodies in ejections. A second infraction by a player on any of the above will result in banishment from the league.



Consumption of alcoholic beverages or smoking on the sidelines by Players, Managers, Coaches or Fans is prohibited


6)  Trash or Litter on the Fields:

Teams must clear/clean their sidelines of all "litter" immediately after the game has ended. Littering will be reported by Teams that play behind you and also the Referees. If you do not report a team for trashing a field, then you may get blamed for it. WE CAN AVOID ALL PROBLEMS BY KEEPING THE FIELDS CLEAN.

Your help in this matter will be appreciated!




16. Suspension Policy

•Any ejection carries with it an automatic game suspension for the rest of that game. Players or coaches may be suspended for more than one game by discretion of The Field’s management.

•All suspensions will be imposed for that teams “next” scheduled game.

•Suspended players / coaches will not be permitted on the player’s bench or the playing surface for the duration of the suspended games.

•Suspension DOES pertain to the other teams or leagues on which players play or coach.

•The Field has the right to suspend for more than 2 weeks if they feel the player / Coach is a safty hazard to other players or parents.


16A. Team Removal

•Any Team that may be fielding ineligible players and will not change or is unwilling to abide by The  Field Sports Arena Rules will be removed from the league. (Deposit will be non refundable) and an  additional $25 fee will be incurred for rescheduling, The Field Managment will asses the situation as to if any of the money will be refunded (Deposit and ref fees for the remainder games will not be refunded)


•Any Team that in the opinion of The Field Sports Arena management excessively fights or on a  consistent biases is unwilling to abide by the Rules and Regulations of The Field Sports Arena will be  removed from the league. (Deposit will be non refundable) and an additional $25 fee will be incurred  for rescheduling, The Field Managment will asses the situation as to if any of the money will be refunded (Deposit and ref fees for the remainder games will not be refunded)


17. Regulation / Responsibilities

•The Field’s official’s jurisdiction of the official begins when they enter the field of play. They shall  enforce the rules and their decisions on points of fact connected with the play are final, so far as the  result of the game is concerned. The referee, however, can reverse his decisions so long as the  game has not been restarted.

•His/ Her jurisdiction of authority of penalizing shall extend to offenses committed when play has  been temporarily suspended or when the ball is out of play, prior to game or after completion of  the  game.


Referee Duties


•Inspect and approve game ball.

•Examine the uniform and equipment of each player to see that it is within compliance of the rule

•Conduct a pre-game conference with coaches and captains to review pertinent rules and general  house rules.

Game Duties:

•Enforce the laws of the game

•Have discretionary power to stop the game, for any infringement of the laws and suspend or  terminate the game whenever by reason of interference by spectators, or other causes, he/she  deems such stoppage necessary

•Caution any player guilty of misconduct or ungentlemanly behavior and suspend that player if  player  persists to infringe laws of game, etc… from participation in the game.

•Allow no persons, other than players and coaches to enter the field of play without permission

•Stop the game, if in the opinion of the official a player has been seriously injured; have the  player  removed as soon as possible from the field of play and resume play. 

•Send off (eject) from the game, any player / coach who in the officials opinion is guilty of:

a) Violent conduct, or serious foul play

b) The use of foul or abusive language

c) Persistent misconduct

d) Spitting

e) Slide tackling


•Referee / official has discretionary power to add time to clock at any time during a game,  for infringements of the law, interference of spectators, coaches, players, or other causes  deem such additional time is necessary.

•Players, coaches, and spectators that enter the field of play without the permission of  the referee will  be ejected from the field of play and The Field Sports Arena. Additional  actions may be taken against  individuals committing this action, and is the discretion of The  Field Sports Arena’s management.


 •If the Referee suspends or terminates a game, then the game will stand as is. A report of  the game will be given to The Field Sports Arena’s management for final determination of the game.


18. Coed Rules

•A team consists of seven players. Excluding the goalie a team can have no more than 3 males (or less than  2 males), on the field at one time. (The Goalie is a Gender Neutral Position and doesn’t  count toward your male or female numbers). Females may replace males but males cannot  replace females. If a team has less 5 players or less the goalie will then count toward the guy to girl ratio number. Any team unable to field a minimum of Four players, two of which must be  females, will forfeit that game. 


Acceptable combinations: 

1 Goalie (any Gender) - 3 males - 3 Females

1 Goalie (any Gender) - 2 males - 4 Females


Unallowed Combinations: 

1 Goalie (any Gender) - 4 males - 2 Females

1 Goalie (any Gender) - 3 males - 1 Females


•All fouls and misconduct laws and house rules apply to coed also, except those mentioned below:

•A female player must kick the ball off to start or restart the game.

•All free kicks in the offensive half must be taken by a female

•A female attacking player must touch the ball in their offensive half before a goal can be scored  from the time the ball crosses the center halfway line into the defensive zone of the opposing team,  it must be touched by a female of the attacking team at least once before a goal can be scored.

-If a female player scores a goal in the offensive team while in her defensive half of the field a  goal kick will be awarded since touch was not obtained in the offensive have of the field. 

•Once touch is made that touch is valid until the ball passes completely over the center half line, into  the defensive half of the attacking team. Other methods which a touch may be lost are a goalkeeper  gaining control of the ball with hands and / or goal kick, attacking team kicks ball over perimeter wall.

•Attacking team must obtain a retouch before a goal can be scored.

•A goal will not be allowed if a defensive player deflects or kicks the ball in their goal before a touch  by the attacking female player. A corner kick will result.


19. Protests

 •No protests concerning the judgment call of a referee will be accepted.

 •No protests concerning uniforms will be accepted

 •All protests concerning the interpretation of rules will be judged by the protest committee.

 •Protests must be submitted in writing within 24 hours to The Field Sports Arena  Protests must   be accompanied by a $25 protest fee.

 •Protests must be made to the official and entered on the score sheet before play resumes.

 •The protest committee shall consist of The Field Sports Arena management and two referees.

 •The decisions of the protest committee are final.



20. Schedules

  • All Schedules will be posted on The Fields Website at WWW.TheFieldSportsArena.com
  • Schedules are Subject to change, so PLEASE CHECK THE WEBSITE FOR THE MOST UP TO DATE TIMES.
  •  Any Game canceled by The Field Will be made up. (Ex. Snow Day, Power Outage, etc.)
  • Team may make request for times, and bye dates, BUT The Field Does not guarantee the request.  



(Note: All of the following criteria must be met in order for a game to be Rescheduled)

1. A request must be made 2 weeks Prior to the game

2. The opposing team must agree to reschedule

3. A date will be give by The Field For the reschedule. This Date and Time is not negotiable.

4. Both Teams must agree for the reschedule date.

5. A $20 Rescheduling Fee is required by the requesting team.

(We understand there are extenuating circumstances that occur and The Field will be as flexible as possible with those cases.) 


21. **New Heading Rule

  • For U11   and younger,  has contact with the ball with any part of the head, whether intentional or unintentional.  Like other non-cardable offenses, the result is a Free Kick for the opposition at the spot of the head ball. If a player heads the ball on their defensive 3rd of the field the ball will be placed at the spot  outside of the goal box. 

    This Rule will apply to the following leagues. (U8,U9,U10,U11 Select) (Candy, Passers, Wings)