Spring / Summer Sand Volleyball



Sand Volleyball

After a long winter of being couped up inside, why not come out and enjoy the Spring and Summer weather on our outside sand volleyball courts. The Field Sports Arena has two regulation sized sand volleyball courts. Don't dive in the kitty litter at some of those other places, The Field has some of the finest sand around, it's like playing on the beaches in Florida without the drive!

Don't feel like getting all sandy? Come on out and enjoy our pavilion. Belly up to the bar and grab a drink while watching some volleyball and listening to some music. Friday nights don't get much better than this!



The Field runs leagues starting in Late April - Early October

Leagues are divided up into social and competitive. So there is

a league for everyone!

Levels Offered



    This is for those teams that like the competitive nature of volleyball. This league is for the Bump, Set, Spike groups!

Social Competitive


    This league is for those teams like understand volleyball and how to play, but are just out for the fun. We keep score but in the end it really doesn't matter

Super Social


    This League is for those teams who have heard of volleyball, but really have no clue how to play!

Youth 4th-8th Grade


    Note: All dates are tentative based on weather (Fees include ref fees and 8 league games) Session 1 - ( June 12th - August 7th ) $215 Ref Fee Is Included in the Price!